Mobile B53

The B53 is a compact, hydraulic drill with applications in geotechnical, environmental and mineral exploration. Designed for auger drilling, both hollow stem and solid stem, and air rotary (ODEX). Our B53 is mounted on a short Freightliner FL70 sized for go-anywhere versatility. This rig is a highly efficient, compact full-sized truck rig that can be used for shallower boreholes and well installations.


28’ (8.5 m)


8’ (2.4 m)


24’5” (7.5 m)


27,000 lbs (12,250 kg)


Auger (solid and hollow stem)


SPT, DCPT, CPT, Shelby, etc.

Drill Features

6,000 lbf.ft Rotational Torque

31,400 lbs (140 kN) Pulldown Force

24,000 lbs (107 kN) Pullback Force

1,200 Litre Water Tank

On-board Moyno pump for grouting and heaving sand

10 Speed Hydraulic Rotary Head

Stabilizing/levelling jack pads

Dual winches

Mounted safety cage

Extensive LED lighting for safe and efficient night drilling