Marl M5T

VanMars has two of the compact and powerful Marl M5T’s in our fleet. With it’s narrow design and low clearance tower, rubber tracked drivetrain and versatile drilling nature the M5T can odex, auger, CPT, SCPT, DCPT, SPT, and much more. Safety devices including positive air shutoff, electrical kill switches, fire extinguishers and hydraulic shut down. This well known model of drill is ready to get the job done.


15’0” (4.6 m)


5’2” (1.6 m)

Height (Walking)

7’8” (2.4 m)

Height (Mast Up)


Height (Detached Mast)



Auger (solid and hollow stem)

Limited access


SPT, DCPT, CPT, Shelby, etc.

Drill Features

6,000 lbf.ft Rotational Torque

22,000 lbs (98 kN) Pulldown Force

30,000 lbs (133 kN) Pullback Force

4,000 lb (18 kN) winch capacity

16 foot winch tower

Detachable winch tower reduces the rig height to 11 feet (3.35 m).

4 corner jacks for levelling

On-board Moyno pump for grouting and heaving sand

Rubber tracks

Mounted safety cage