Hydra 52

The Hydra52 was designed to be the ultimate limited access drill. Conceptually designed in-house and engineered/fabricated by Hydracore, the Hydra52 has made its mark in the industry. Standing 81” tall and 36” wide with a gross weight of 3400 lbs. Using a bore through head, allowing us to eliminate the need for a hanging swivel, creating maximum travel and control in limited access areas. Ability to disconnect from the power pack and go completely man portable, breaking down into multiple manageable pieces and running hydraulic extensions.


8’6” (2.6 m)


2’11” (0.9 m)

Height (Short)

6’10” (2.1 m)

Height (Full)

10’0” (3.1 m)


Auger (solid and hollow stem)



Drill Features

2,000 lbf.ft Rotational Torque

4,000 lbs Pulldown Force Anchored

8,000 lbs Pullback Force

Short mast configuration reduces rig height to under 7 feet

Detachable mast for drilling in basements and other extremely limited access locations. No power loss.

Rubber tracks

Full-sized drop hammer for SPT, DCPT, and split spoon sampling