Boart Longyear LS250

The Boart Longyear LS250 is a compact sonic rig perfect for a wide variety of projects in environmental, geotechnical, water, and mining. Utilizing proven technology, the patented LS250 sonic head has been used in the field for more than 10 years on some of the most technical and difficult projects. This sonic head consistently performs and offers unmatched reliability.

The LS250 features a rod presenter where rod and casing can be loaded horizontally and an actuator then presents the rod and casing vertically to the head which minimizes worker exertion. The integrated interlocked rotation barrier slows rotation when the barrier is open, providing additional operator safety. The LS250 is equipped with a full CE certification (Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC) according to the latest EN16228 safety standards.

The dump mast allows the crew to work from the ground, safety is enhanced by avoiding stairs and safety rails often required when working from a platform. The mast articulation allows for drilling at angles from 90 to 45 degrees.