AMS PowerProbe 9700 VTR

The rubber track-mounted 9700-VTR is powered by a liquid-cooled, 100HP diesel engine, and comes with a 175-lb hydraulic hammer for direct push sampling and installations. The auger motor, direct push hammer, and SPT auto-drop hammer, can be positioned over the same borehole without realignment of the drill rig. The 9700-VTR also has a heavy-duty undercarriage with a wide base platform and 18 inch tracks allowing it to carry more weight, increase torque, and reduce ground pressure. Our 9700-VTR has been retrofitted with a custom designed/engineered and built 20 foot winch tower to speed up drilling and reduce overall project costs.


16’1” (4.9 m)


8’3” (2.5 m)

Height (mast down)

9’0” (2.7 m)

Height (mast up)

16’0” (4.9 m)

Height (winch tower)

20’0” (6.1 m)


Auger (solid and hollow stem)

3.25” and 4.5” Direct Push


SPT, DCPT, CPT, Shelby, etc.

Drill Features

5,000 lbf.ft Rotational Torque

33,000 lbs (147 kN) Pulldown Force

48,000 lbs (214kN) Pullback Force

Custom built safety cage

20 foot winch tower

Auto hammer

Articulating Tower. Side-to-side and in-out

Angled probing

Extensive LED lighting for safe and efficient night drilling

Mounted safety cage