VanMars Equipment.

For Geotechnical, Environmental, and Civil/Mining Drilling.

Boart Longyear LS250

The Boart Longyear LS250 is a compact sonic rig perfect for a wide variety of projects in environmental, geotechnical, water, and mining. Utilizing proven technology, the patented LS250 sonic head has been used in the field for more than 10 years on some of the most technical and difficult projects.

AMS PowerProbe 9700 VTR

The rubber track-mounted 9700-VTR is powered by a liquid-cooled, 100HP diesel engine, and comes with a 175-lb hydraulic hammer for direct push sampling and installations. The auger motor, direct push hammer, and SPT auto-drop hammer, can be positioned over the same borehole without realignment of the drill rig.

Marl M5T

VanMars has two of the compact and powerful Marl M5T’s in our fleet. With it’s narrow design and low clearance tower, rubber tracked drivetrain and versatile drilling nature the M5T can odex, auger, CPT, SCPT, DCPT, SPT, and much more.

Mobile B53

The B53 is a compact, hydraulic drill with applications in geotechnical, environmental and mineral exploration. Designed for auger drilling, both hollow stem and solid stem, and air rotary (ODEX). Our B53 is mounted on a short Freightliner FL70 sized for go-anywhere versatility.

Hydra 52

The Hydra52 was designed to be the ultimate limited access drill. Conceptually designed in-house and engineered/fabricated by Hydracore, the Hydra52 has made its mark in the industry. Standing 81” tall and 36” wide with a gross weight of 3400 lbs.

VanMars is a drilling company operated with the highest level of professionalism and guided by a culture of health and safety.